Supervised Visits

Supervised Visitation

Here's how it works.

Our supervisor comes to you. We don't have a building or other facility. We co-ordinate the visit with both parents and then meet at a mutually agreed place and time. Staggered pick-up and drop-off times are easily accomodated.

Only ICU offers this service in Utah.

Recognizing a need for an alternative in the way supervised parental visitations are usually conducted, we conceived a creative solution. Why restrict the visit to a single location with set time limits in which a visit can take place? Most parents in need of supervision are already struggling to hold down a job and pay the bills. They need weekend, evening, and holiday flexibility. Some don't even own a car so getting to a clinic can also be challenging.
Our private investigator supervisors are able to travel and are familiar with working strange hours. Our agents are able to come to a pre-arranged location for the visit and often with short notice. We arrive at the chosen location in advance with staggered drop off and pick up times (having been prearranged) so contentious parties are not interacting together and keeping the child removed from any potential & unnecessary tension.
Our professional intermediary discusses the issues of visitation with each parent and then makes the arrangements by coordinating the visit with the supervisor.

Supervisors are Licensed Utah PI's

Each is experienced, trustworthy and effective.

Our primary visitation supervisors are chosen based on their experience, availability, parental history, marriage history, professionalism and in depth understanding of human nature.
All are Utah licensed private investigators. Each investigator has passed the Bureau of Criminal Identifications background check and has been deemed worthy by the state, found absent of having any issues of moral turpitude or criminal misconduct, before being issued a PI license by the licensing review board. All investigators have experience in surveillance, covert operations and pretext interviews. In their capacity as visitation supervisors, they are under the direct supervision of our lead investigator. Many of our supervisors have degrees in criminal justice, psychology, business, or strong field experience. Spanish speaking supervisors are also available.

We come to you

Arranged by our visitation coordinator.

We are a traveling supervision service and are available for weekends, evenings, and holidays. We are available to travel and meet the parents anywhere within the state of Utah. However, if the place chosen to the meet the parties requires extensive time by the supervisor to accommodate the request, travel time may also be charged for the supervisor's time and travel expenses. We have experience in supervising at movies, restaurants, fun centers, malls, residences, parks, etc. Wherever the supervision would best meet the child and parents needs is where we are able to be.

Full reporting, no judgements.

Our reports only describe what happened.

We report everything we see and hear between the parent and child. We report both good and bad observations. We report the truth. We do not make recommendations as to whether supervision should continue or not as we are not licensed social workers, attorneys, or judges. We report the actions we see and the perceived feelings as portrayed by the parent and child. The decision to continue or discontinue supervision services is left to the judges and the "powers that be".

Safety of the Children and Parents

Supervisors are ready to act if needed for the safety of everybody.

Our supervisors are focused on the well being of the children first and always. They are trained to recognize inappropriate behavior and respond accordingly. Depending upon the family, the supervisor may meet with the child/children individually to allow them each to become comfortable with the supervisor before a visit occurs. We have each parent sign a contract as to what is expected from each party and what the supervisor may or may not do to take action in event an inappropriate visit takes place. Taking a passage from our contract: "Parents are expected to take care of and be responsible for supervising the children's behavior during the visit, not the Visit Supervisor. Parents are expected to set limits and discipline appropriately when needed. However, physical discipline of any type is not allowed. Threats of physical violence will also not be tolerated. Any communication or behavior that is emotionally or physically threatening to the child will not be allowed." We do not video tape or voice record any visit time. We consider the visit a time for parent and child to be close and rebuild a bond of trust and respect. We document everything we see and hear. The child is never out of arms reach of the supervisor so everything is heard and observed.

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